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No Apologies, No Excuses: 1997 E420 w/ 61k Miles

Sometimes we run across cars that tell a story either through photography or every imperfection on the car itself. Other times, like this, we run across cars that seem to be storyless and in the case of this 1997 E420, a story is completely unnecessary. It can be found listed here with a small dealer in Texas by the name of Auto Paradise. Asking price is $8,988 and the car shows a young 61k miles on the odometer.

The first, and most notable detail of this listing is the "1 Owner" Carfax linked below the heading. As a no-accidents example, this E420 has lived in Texas since the day it was sold and although the Carfax only lists 3 service records since new, the condition surely says otherwise.

Finished in Green Black Metallic (189) over Mushroom Leather (205), this V8 W210 is a rarer example (by color combination) of a car that sold extremely well in 1996 and 1997. The 4.2L V8 was rated at 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque when new. Although the photos may have been taken with a camera of the same vintage, it's obvious this E420 has been well taken care of. The paint still shines nicely and even the headlamps appear to be in stellar condition. Even the wheels have managed to retain a nicely polished lip after all this time.

Browse the interior photos and this E420 has all the usual signs that it's been well-loved. The Pebble floor mats are still in great shape and don't seem to show much wear from the last 23 years, the wood doesn't appear cracked or faded (which is hard to manage in Texas), and even the headliner still looks to be nice. Observant readers will notice the lack of options on this example, including heated seats but given the condition of this car along with the spec, we wouldn't be too bothered.

Top to bottom, this E420 doesn't seem to come with any stories or tales. It's unapologetically a clean example of a great 90's Mercedes that's just in need of a new home. With that being said, we always recommend serious buyers either inspect the car in person or have an inspection performed before stroking that check. From where we're sitting, we'd be surprised if this E Class wasn't as nice as it seems.



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