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No Explanation Needed: 26k Mile 2005 C55 AMG

We’re not trying to play favorites but we tend to notice when dealers seem to have unlimited access to the cars that make us turn our heads on a weekly basis. This week’s offering from GAS Motorcars in Atlanta, GA is nothing short of good, simple, AMG-branded fun. This 2005 C55 AMG can be found listed here on GAS Motorcars website for $23,979 with their usual photo display. If the price is keeping you from reading on, be aware the odometer displays 26k miles and it’s extremely clean.

It’s hard to emphasize how great these C55’s are. They check the boxes for rarity, fun, and reliability, in addition to being very unique by design. If you’re unfamiliar with the C55, the front end may look different compared to most W203 sedans. This is due to the OEM-addition of the W209 CLK front clip (headlights, bumper, hood, and fenders) to house the longer block, larger wheels, and naturally increase the road presence of the C55. Make no mistake, this car wasn’t designed to be a track-tuned M3 competitor, it’s a true muscle car with European breeding.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (744) over Gray (848) Nappa leather, this specific C55 is wonderfully basic as far as modern cars can be. No nav screens or ipad-like infotainment clutters the dashboard of this AMG sedan. Even halogen lights (in perfect shape) adorn the front end with simplicity. All this means that this 2005 model manages to be just as analog as the W210 E55 AMG with less weight and can be had for a significantly lower number.

The interior lends itself to the same idea of simplicity, the seats aren’t cluttered with moving bolsters but instead wonderfully soft Nappa hide and alcantara accents. Dual climate control is still present while the steering wheel offers the usual controls along with shift buttons on the back of the spokes. Do take note the head unit is suffering from a little UV peeling. The dealer does state that a new one is on the way and should be installed within the week. Some may ask about a COMMAND splice but honestly, it isn’t needed or wanted.

Between the lack of (extraneous) options and the interior color palette, we love the clinical look of this C55. It manages to capture everything we love about AMG from 20 years back while maintaining a timeless look both on the road and from the cockpit. Given production numbers and the use of the legendary AMG M113 these C55’s are bound to see some appreciation in coming years. Now may be the chance to grab one as a daily driver and still make some money on it when the time comes to upgrade.



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