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No Reservations on this No Reserve Auction: 1960 300SEL 6.3

This is one of those Bring a Trailer listings we can’t stop watching, from the comments to the photos, this 6.3 has us captivated. Check it out here on Bring a Trailer and watch the next 24 hours as this listing nears completion as the last bid in will win this car.

Described as a pseudo-barn find out of long-term storage, a lot of the heavy lifting in the restoration process has been carried out by the current owner including installing PerTronix electronic ignition, and overhauling the braking, fuel, and air-conditioning systems. Previous maintenance includes an engine rebuild in the early 80’s and other regular maintenance.

This W109 shines in a beautiful medium red but it’s important to note this car has been repainted from its original Silver Metallic (180)- we’re partial to the red. Other cosmetic features include polished Bundt alloys, a wrapped 2-spoke steering wheel, and refinished leather seats.

If you’ve been lucky enough to drive one of these cars, and we do mean *drive...the performance is undeniably intoxicating. Not only the 0-60 you’d expect from a 6.3 but for a two-ton car these felt surprisingly nimble and sure-footed. Browse reviews and comments from the elite group of owners and drivers and you’ll find stories of these cars running bumper to bumper with 275GTB’s in the 60’s and 70’s.

Make sure to watch this clinical hot rod over the next 24 hours, we can’t speak to the final price but it’s bound to be entertaining and we’re sure this car will go to a good home where it will hopefully be driven more than it was over the last 20 years.



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