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Obscure Photos, Clean Car: 60k-mile 2001 E55 AMG

Listed yesterday North of Boston, MA, this 2001 E55 AMG comes with some fairly obscure pictures but seems to check out from all accounts that can be seen. This example is Brilliant Silver (744) over two-tone Charcoal and Grey Leather (528). Being from a Northern climate, the first thing we always as about is rust. The seller states that there's no rust anywhere on this car and it appears to stay garage kept. Oddly enough, a picture of the car as a whole is never provided, not even once. The pictures provided do give us some very important details which typically tell the tale of how a car has been treated. For this E55, well-above average is a safe bet.

From the picture of the front we can see the headlight lenses remain clear with only minor oxidation beginning on the very top. This is extremely common for these models and typically can be corrected with a restoration kit. We recommend a clear vinyl protectant once restoration is complete to prevent future crazing as many of the alternative clear coats applied will wear off or yellow over time. The bumper also appears free from any scrapes with the paint retaining it's shine. Next to that, the picture of the front wheel shows us a well preserved monoblock with no curb rash. The lip is still polished (many refinished wheels are painted when a quality job isn't performed) and the center cap is even the original, all-painted style. As an additional clue that this car has been well-loved, the wheels are wrapped in Michelin tires.

This E55 AMG is also nicely optioned with both ventilated front seats and Parktronic. These options are both among the rarest seen on w210s. The front seats on all E55s came standard with orthopedic adjustments and heat. In addition, a rear sunshade and xenons were standard.

Pictures from the interior show a gauge cluster that still has all working pixels on the time and temperature which is actually uncommon. The driver side door card and handle appears to be well-preserved with no imperfections seen. The center console retains the factory radio and all woodgrain appears to be free from cracking or fading. The car is accompanied by the original floor mats and owners manual. As a bonus, the Mercedes-branded mobile flip-phone located in the center console is still intact.

The seller is asking $18,000 for this 2001 E55 AMG. We honestly can argue with that price at all given the options, mileage, and originality of the car. Obviously, additional pictures would be needed to confirm all body panels match from afar and a clean history via Carfax would help to put any doubtful minds at ease. The seller states the car comes with "way more service than I have time to list out," so we'd recommend obtaining those as well. For someone looking for a w210, this one would certainly have our attention.


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