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Old Baby Blue: 1972 280SE 4.5

This beautiful 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 with a claimed 31,500 original miles was just listed in Lorton, VA for $15,000. Now we have seen 4.5 W108's trade regularly for right around this seller's asking price, and believe there is certainly tremendous value added if the claimed 31k original miles can be supported with documentation. The vast majority of these cars are advertised with mileage in the 5 digit range because the odometers only had 5 digits. One you hit 100k miles, it simply rolls over. Records would be a must to consider the mileage true, however, the condition appears well above average so there's hope.

During a 7 year production run of the W108 chassis (1965-1972), over 380,000 total cars were produced, with just over 13,500 of those equipped with the 4.5L M117 during the final two years. Resulting from greater local regulations surrounding emissions, the 4.5 was developed for the U.S market and had effectively the same output as the earlier M116 powered 3.5's.

Finished in a very elegant and charming light blue over a dark blue interior, this car presents as well in the photos as we would hope to expect from a low mileage original car. We are speculating but the driver side front fender appears a shade off, hinting at potential paint work at some point. The seller does state that no rust is present which is important for these cars as the rear fender wells, trunk area where the spare tire is housed, and floor boards can often have rust issues. We'd still recommend inspection in person to also check the condition of the underbody. The interior matches the exterior condition, with what looks to be a crack-free dash and a nice finish to all of the wood trim. The little of what we can see of the Blue MB-Tex seats appear to be very well preserved, as do the doors and carpeting. While we love the photography provided, these shots tend to be a bit on the artsy side without showing enough details. We're willing to bet more shots can be provided upon request.

The feeling of driving one of these beautiful S-classes is similar to the feeling you get in simply laying eyes on one - elegance. There is a certain level of refinement and luxury that still holds true today with these w108's (as do the majority of the S-Class range), and they command an amazing presence on the road. So whether you are buying this particular 280SE to drive regularly, or to park in the garage as an art piece, you simply cannot go wrong with either decision.


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