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One for the Books: 2001 E55 AMG w/ 43k Miles

Whether it’s an undervalued trade in or a diamond-in-the-rough at an auction, dealers can get lucky. For GAS Motorcars, there doesn’t seem to be much luck involved, these guys know how to pick the right cars. Today’s example from this familiar Atlanta-based dealer is this 2001 E55 AMG listed here on the GAS Motorcars Website. Asking price is a cool $29,979 and with only 43k miles on the odometer, we can make a strong case as to why this example should be one of the instrumental sales in further boosting the W210 E55 AMG market.

A quick VIN search for this E55 AMG delivers some great background information off the bat. First, this VIN isn’t recorded as a recent sale or auction which indicates it’s not an example that’s been changing hands as frequently as many of these cars have over the last decade. What the search did show is that the previous owner is a long-time forum member and after some good thread browsing seemed to be extremely particular about maintenance and upkeep details. So many of these “low mileage” E55’s trade hands more often than they should because they’re often treated more comparably to an appreciating asset class rather than a mechanical machine that needs general tending and use. Given the forum history and nature of related posts, it seems this car has been well loved and well cared for by the previous owners.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (744) over Black Leather (521), this is probably the car most enthusiasts envision when discussing W210 E55’s. As you’d expect, the paint shines beautifully but still manages to display a confident level of originality that’s increasingly hard to find. The AMG Aero II wheels do appear to be refinished and although the lip displays a more polished finish than most, we can’t say it’s a bad look on this example. The pillar covers (finished in the 90’s Sport trim) are in fantastic shape and thankfully so because these are becoming difficult to find on the open market. The tires are wrapped in new Michelin PS4S tires and to cap it off, even all the glass appears to be original.

The Black Leather wrapped cabin manages to tell the same story as the exterior- a short but concise tale of a responsible owner who most likely obsessed over the details as though his life and his E55’s life depended upon every bolt being just-so. We’re pleased to see everything in working order down to every last pixel on the cluster display. Other notable features include the rear sun shade, orthopedic seats, and a complete set of very clean and all original E55 AMG floor mats. The headliner, whether a replacement or not, isn’t showing any signs of damage or drooping and the seats seem to appear as though they’ve been used for a fraction of the mileage displayed.

This E55 AMG is sure to be one of the highest priced examples on the market in 2020 but just as the W124 500E/E500 cars, these are bound to settle into the 30k and up range in the coming years. Clean examples are hard to come by and as the lowest production year (1 of 653) buyers will have a very hard time replicating this car for the same money as these cars continue to appreciate. If the attached photos are too artistic for series buyers, we’ve linked the full sale listing here in addition to in the first paragraph of this review. More than 70 photos can be seen on the website displaying all the wonderful details related to this E55. A complete set of books is also shown that even includes the original BOSE demo cassette and the StarTAC phone in the center console. Interested parties should contact GAS Motorcars directly via their website. As always, happy hunting!



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