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Open-Top Rocket for the Masses: 2004 SLK32 AMG

We love underrated performers, whether it’s a Renntech E60 or an ML55 AMG, we’re always seeking out the value proposition behind current market offerings. The SLK32 AMG has consistently been at the top of that list for us and this 2004 (Last year and 1 of 312) SLK32 in Pewter Metallic deserves some serious consideration. It can be found here on Craigslist in Boise, Idaho for $12,500. -Thanks to Dennis King for sending us this listing!

When the SLK32 was launched for the 2002 model year, it was rumored AMG ripped the base R170 down to bare metal framework in order to find a suitable base that met AMG-standards. Get behind the wheel of an SLK32 and it shows. The SLK32 presents itself as a compact and nimble GT car with an appetite for both winding mountain roads and straight highways. It displays the tamest of road manners until you plant your foot at which point the 3200 lb roadster pushes its way to 60 in under 5 seconds as the supercharger whine drowns out any wind noise.

A relatively uncommon trick for Mercedes, even AMG-tuned cars, a wide variety of bright colors were available on the SLK32 including Magma Red, Laguna Green, and Bahama Blue. The most adventurous owners could even opt for Sunburst Yellow with a contrasting interior. This SLK, painted in Pewter Metallic (723) although less exciting upon first glance, is equally as unique and we believe more livable in the long-term. The interior is a very grown-up Charcoal and makes the car feel just mature enough when you’re not trying to burn the rear tires off the wheels.

Options on these SLK’s were sparse but ample with dual-zone climate, heated seats, premium sound, and an automatic retractable hardtop, it hardly shows any negative aging even in 2020. The current owner states the SLK has undergone regular maintenance and been regularly garage kept in his ownership. The odometer displays a young 44k miles and from the few photos offered, it seems to fit the bill. Altogether these cars are definitely becoming harder to find in nice shape and are sure to deliver the AMG experience for any driver in search of some weekend thrills.



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