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Pewter over Red Keeps it Interesting: 2004 CLK55 AMG

While we’ve been on the topic of bulletproof AMG M113’s, we always love when a unique W209 CLK55 hits the market. These cars seem to be slept on compared to the W208’s and offer one of the most phenomenal power plants from the masters at Affalterbach. Most often these rounded W209’s can easily be found with 80-90k miles in the average paint colors. Today’s find is just different enough from the norm that we found it worth sharing. Showing only 88k miles, asking price is a slightly aggressive but understandable $13,989.

Finished in Pewter (Cubanite Silver) Metallic (723) over an Anthracite and Red (257) interior this 2004 CLK55 AMG certainly is an outlier. Pleasantly, the headlights aren’t clouding over like most examples on the market and the paint seems to be in great shape. We like seeing listings from dealers like these because it often means the dealer isn’t picking up cars that have been neglected or abused between 5-6 owners but instead seem to deliver well-kept examples of interesting and collectible options.

While we love most anything in Pewter, the Red interior is definitely the main attraction of this listing. A far cry from bright red, the seat inserts and door cards carry more of a merlot hue which helps really present this CLK as a proper AMG and not just the “baby benz” of the group. We’re very happy to see some OEM floor mats in this car and although the leather could stand to soak up some good conditioner, it looks very well kept.

In short, this CLK is an interesting car in an intriguing color combination but considering what can be had for $13k, a buyer really has to want a CLK55 over a W211 E55 or other options with more power and tech. On the other hand, this CLK takes one of our favorite powertrains and mixes it with a small coupe that’s very capable of nimble mountain drives on the weekend and around town commutes from Monday to Friday. Whether this car sells next week or next month, we’re confident the next owner will certainly appreciate all its strengths.



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