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Potential Deal Alert! 2006 C55 AMG with 57k Miles

AMG variants of the W203 C Class (2001-2007) often go overlooked and seem to be decently undervalued right now and although we’ve discussed the C32 AMG previously we really haven’t had a chance to discuss a good C55 AMG. The C55 replaced the C32 as the W203 chassis saw the introduction of the mid-production facelift in 2005 and was only sold through the 2006 Model Year making it one of the rarer AMG’s to be produced in the mid 2000’s. Less than 2000 C55’s were sold in total to the North American market and low mileage examples like this are hard to come by. This 2006 (One of 451) C55 AMG can be found here on Facebook Marketplace for $9,000 and is showing a very low 57k miles.

On the brink of releasing the M156 powered C63, AMG made the decision to stuff the legendary M113 into the C Class for a year and a half of production. Perhaps they wanted to tease the public with a small V8 powered sedan before dropping the W204 but either way the C55 didn’t get the spotlight it deserved and quickly found itself overshadowed.

If the exterior looks to be a little off compared to non-AMG W203’s it’s because the C55 actually received the front clip (bumpers, hood, and fenders) from the W209 CLK Class of the era in order to accomodate the M113. Functionality aside, we really like the streamlined look and appreciate AMG’s commitment to the concept.

This specific C55 AMG seems to show nicely although we’d like to see more photos. It’s finished in a rare Capri Blue Metallic over Black Leather and certainly shows as though the low mileage has been effortless. The seller notes a clean title and no rust but other than * mint condition we’re not given any hints. If you’ve been holding out for a great AMG under 10 grand, we suggest you take some time and reach out to this seller for more details and photos. This is one of those models that’s sure to pay back the initial cost within a few years as these NA V8 models appreciate.



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