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Pristine Machine: 27k-mile 2003 CL55 AMG

Lots of AMG cars are advertised to be "like new" or in "excellent" condition, but few fill the bill when it comes to truly exceptional condition. Fortunately, today's immaculate example is not one of those sub-par offerings.

Listed for sale by GAS Motorcars of Atlanta, this 2003 CL55 AMG is finished in a gorgeous combination of Cubanite Silver Metallic (723) - a.k.a. "Pewter Silver Metallic" in NA markets - over Anthracite AMG Leather (281). Options include dynamic heated and cooled seats, pneumatic rear head restraints, rear roller-blind, burred walnut trim and Parktronic delete for cleaner bumper profiles. This example was previously owned by one of our founders so we know (and love) this particular car very well and can vouch for its quality and condition.

Notably, this car includes the era-correct awesomeness that is the Mercedes branded Motorola flip phone in the center armrest that still powers up and trials to dial; absent an analog cellular network.

With three prior owners, the first two of whom were father and son in the same family, this car has been impeccably maintained, detailed and cared for throughout its pampered life. Showing only 27k miles, this car looks even fresher than that and retains the factory AMG engine break-in period sticker on the windshield; something that is almost never seen on a car that's nearly old enough to vote.

The supercharged 5,439cc M113K V8 was factory rated at 493 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque and is paired with a five-speed AMG SpeedShift automatic transmission; good enough to cut the 2019 date-coded rear tires loose at will with the tap of the toe.

The CL55 rides on Mercedes-Benz’s famous Active Body Control (ABC) air-suspension system, which may be adjusted electronically from inside the cabin. The ABC system can be troublesome in poorly maintained examples of the C215 coupes, but fortunately this is not one of them.

Showing extensive paper service records from the Florida MB dealership where this car was previously owned, the car has had its ABC system maintained, with components replaced as needed, throughout its life. The car performs flawlessly in all ways - including its suspension - and brings new appreciation to what we feel was absolutely one of the best suspension systems ever developed by Mercedes Benz. If you've never driven a well-maintained ABC car, do yourself a favor and try it; you'll no doubt be hooked.

The paint on the CL55 is immaculate front to back and no evidence of paintwork is present anywhere on the body of the car. With a recent full ceramic coat applied prior to listing, this torque monster will look clean for over a year to come with just a quick hosing off after spirited drives.

With an asking price of $28,979, this car is priced in line with similar, higher-mile examples offered at Private Collection Motors and better than recent sales of similar on BringaTrailer that required repairs. To get a nearly brand-new CL55 AMG for under $30k is a tempting bargain, in our opinion, and as any market follower will know, these will not be getting any cheaper. C215s are on the rise and this is just the first wave, so get in on them while you still can. See the full gallery of images over on the GAS Motorcars website here.


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