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Proof that Mileage isn't Everything: 1995 S420

For all the cars we feature that have low mileage and little road time, we really enjoy seeing a car like today’s 1995 S420. Better yet, we’re thrilled when a car like this belongs to one of our readers. Thanks to Veer (Instagram: roadsniper1) for the submission. Showing 151k on the clock, this 1995 S420 should be on it’s 5th owner and ready for the used car lot but here it is looking like it has a quarter of the mileage, less than half the years, and only two owners in two and a half decades. It can be found listed here on Craigslist just north of San Diego for the very reasonable price of $6,250.

Finished in a strikingly clean Polar White (149), this S Class really does look about as fresh as we’ve seen any 1995 W140, high mileage or not. From the photos provided, the paint appears to be largely original and there doesn’t seem to be a a ding or dent across the entire body. The lower cladding even retains a fantastic finish twenty years past its prime. These 8-hole wheels, although commonly replaced, look fantastic when clean and for this example, we wouldn’t want it any other way. For those curious, the seller even mentions the reverse wands/antennas as fully operational- It doesn’t get much better than that.

For those thinking the main selling point was the exterior condition, think again. The cabin is about as flawless as you could expect including a steering wheel and seats that appear to have been used maybe a dozen times. It’s cars like this that really drive home the importance of car care on the cosmetic level. From the original grain and nap of the leather down to the wood trim and the oem floor mats, this W140 is a time capsule at a bargain price. The seller reports everything works as it should including the oem phone interface in the upper dashboard and the vacuum soft-close features. Minor flaws include a driver's door lock that sticks once in a while, a slow passenger side window, and a “rough” idle at start up which notedly smooths out at temp.

Whether it’s 151k or 15k miles, it’s hard to find a W140 in this condition, especially a pre-facelift example that’s received as much love over the years. We have a hard time imagining a better way to spend the money and luckily this S420 would make you feel like you’re buying a collectors example when really it’s prime for another 150k. Those of you hunting a perfect daily on the West coast, pay attention because cars like this don’t come along too often.



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