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Purple Pocket Rocket: 2014 CLA45 AMG

“The most powerful 4-cylinder engine in production”- This is what every publication highlighted when Mercedes introduced the CLA45 AMG for the 2014 model year. The question was whether or not this “CLS mini-me” would be able to hang with it’s older, more powerful siblings out of Affalterbach and it did everything the community expected, except disappoint. The turbocharged 2.0 litre cranked out 355 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque from a whopping 26.1 psi of boost stock and a 4.2 second 0-60. The largest complaint at the time was the entry level price coming in just under $50k but with most cars pricing out at $60k with all the usual options. Fast forward to the current day and these micro AMG’s are a stellar bargain. This 2014 CLA45 AMG can be found listed here on Jerusalem Auto out of North Merrick, NY. Asking price is a very reasonable $26,900 with some decent options and 46k miles on the odometer.

Most interestingly this CLA45 isn’t Black or Silver but instead Northern Lights Violet Metallic (592), an impressive paint color on paper and in person. As one would expect this car appears to have been well kept and the paint’s in great shape. We appreciate that the previous owner or owners didn’t try to add their own “flair” with tint or aftermarket accessories but kept this car stock and understated in comparison. The seller states this CLA45 just received a healthy service including new engine mounts, new thermostat, new ignition coils, and a new turbo manifold all by way of Eagles Nest Motorsports out of Jericho, New York.

Take a look at the cabin of this car and this rare color combination continues to surprise and delight. Trimmed in what Mercedes calls Grey (808) Nappa leather this interior color really presents itself as more of a Dove Grey or Olympus White and certainly stands out against the exterior paint color. No defects stand out when scanning the cabin of this CLA45 but we should let onlookers know this color takes a little more upkeep and care than Black interiors. The factory Carbon Fiber trim stretches across the dashboard and doesn’t appear to suffer from any fading or defects. We’re happy to see the all-season floor mats in this car alongside the Seat Comfort package and an Illumination Package. The optional Pano roof lets a lot of natural light in on this interior which further emphasizes the fun that can be had with “more adventurous” color combinations.

This price point seems to be the sweet spot with a lot of pre-owned Mercedes currently on the market. From low mileage W210 E55’s to well-kept S211 E55 AMG wagons, and beautiful W221 S-Classes, buyers can have their pick of model and vintage. For those looking to enter the area of 4-cylinder turbo monsters the CLA45 AMG is hard to beat. With enough technology and design emphasis to keep the car from looking outdated while still managing to retain that aggressive AMG feel, the CLA45 AMG is truly in a class of its own.



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