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Rare Bird: 1993 500E RENNtech 6.0L

Recently listed on Bring-a-trailer, this 1993 500E has been modified by RENNtech to their E60 specification. The car is finished in Black Pearl 199 over anthracite leather and has only 71k-miles. We particularly like that the car is accompanied by correspondence emails from RENNtech which lists the upgrades and prices on the car. In addition to the 6.0L conversion, other modifications include a limited-slip differential, ASR delete, exhaust, Alcon brakes, and an oversized radiator and oil cooler. In a perfect world, we'd opt for some euro spec headlights or get crazy and do a full front end facelift. We'd also opt for a set of 17" Aero III wheels or possibly the 2-piece BBS AMG monoblock wheels, however, the w210 E55 style monoblocks still look great.

The interior woodgrain appears to be in excellent condition without the typical hairline cracks that Benzes from this era tend to have at this age. The dash is free of cracks and the leather remains in great condition with no tears and minimal wear. The factory Recaro seats are one of our favorite features of the 500E along with the spit rear seats. The 500E is known for it's aggressive body work which was included flared front and rear fenders mated to specific 500E bumpers. One of our founders, Blakley Leonard, actually had a very similar E60 RENNtech on Bring-a-trailer last year (which if interested in this car contact us privately as it is now available again privately).

Overall, this example appears to be very clean and well kept. Underbody and engine bay pictures appear very clean and given the amount of receipts accompanying the car, we'd feel confident that this is a great performing car. The auction is scheduled to end with a bang on Tuesday, August 11 at 2:50pm EST. If you're bidding, make sure to stretch your bidding fingers prior to action end and good luck! If you're here for the entertainment, don't forget the popcorn.


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