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Rare & Obscure Lorinser Build: 1998 CLK200 Lorinser LV4

Once again we find ourselves drawn to a car listed in Europe and to all of our followers in the states, we hope you find value in the discussion. This 1998 CLK, noted by the seller to be one of two ever made, carries a full Lorinser build and is currently listed for sale here on eBay in Germany for €16,200.

What we can assume started life as a CLK200 is now branded as a Lorinser LV4 Turbo and it definitely looks the part of a 90’s Lorinser-modified CLK. The CLK200 was the base model for the W208 at the time in non-NA markets. It was powered by the M11.940, 2 liter 16-valve 4 cylinder and produced 134 horsepower stock. These cars weren’t particularly rare, desirable, or even quick in their time but they were stylish and popular as the replacement for the W124 coupes.

The Lorinser LV4 Turbo has managed to make the CLK200 cool by adding the works. Lorinser’s infamous D93 wheels, a vent-heavy body kit, and a retrimmed interior to rival Designo are the main aesthetic focal points. Meanwhile, the drivetrain benefitted from new internals, some turbo magic, and remap/tune push the power number to a (slightly) more aggressive 180hp. We have to pause here because although the price of this conversion wasn’t published, we think the buyer could have waited a year for the CLK55 around the same cost if not for less. Either way it’s certainly unique and as a Lorinser build, earns due respect. The exterior presents itself nicely in Brilliant Silver and appears to be in fantastic shape. Not a ding or dent can be seen and the complicated ground effects have managed to hold up just as well.

The interior has been upholstered with new dove grey leather to accent the seats, center console, steering wheel, and door cards- even the shift knob received some special treatment. Take a closer look and you’ll see the recognizable sport trim from 90’s Mercedes (some say it was meant to resemble carbon fiber). As a while the interior has been exceptionally well kept and still retains all the factory options including a rear sun shade, heated seats, dual climate control and the mobile phone mount.

Take a peek under the hood and the bright yellow valve cover immediately grabs your attention. We’re pleased to see the original Lorinser documentation and technical decals have remained with the car and under the hood respectively. This CLK won’t be the fastest on the road or the most desirable but it could certainly take home a few trophies for most period-correct. If anyone across the pond knows this car, reach out and share more details with us as we’re sure we’ve missed a piece or two.



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