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Rare Runner: 1996 C36 AMG

If you've been paying attention to the MB collector's market this year, you'll know that the W202 AMGs have been performing extremely well. With strong examples bringing top dollar, the leftovers out there are following suit; even those with high miles and cosmetic/mechanical needs. Today's example is one of the latter group.

Offered for sale on craigslist out of La Mesa, CA, this 1996 example is finished in the era-correct but common Brilliant Silver (744) over Black (201) leather interior. The 3.6L engine pumped out 276 hp and 284 lb-ft of torque when new, sprinting the w202 from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. The AMG body kit, wheels, and lowered suspension greatly improved the appearance of the w202.

Today's example has quite a bit of miles at over 164,000 on the clock but doesn't show them on the paintwork, fortunately. Brilliant Silver is known to be an extremely forgiving exterior color but this example looks very nice in its own right in the photos. Interior shows an expected amount of wear but nothing concerning at this age or mileage, to be sure. A split in the seam of the front passenger seat jumps out at us but thats better than a tear in the leather itself.

There's no discussion of history or maintenance on this example but we're hopeful the seller has kept the mechanicals as well sorted as the cosmetics on this high-mileage hitter. Those of you looking to get into the W202 market on the lower end - $10,500 asking price - might want to head to La Mesa for a closer look.


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