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Ready for Daily Duties: 2001 E55 AMG

It’s no secret the W210 E55 AMG is loved across the board. It seems every few months another low-mileage option comes around and helps set the bar for enthusiasts looking to add to their collections. Those on the hunt for the perfect daily driver rather than a garage queen are typically left wanting out of scarcity and average condition of higher mileage examples. This 2001 E55 AMG, recently listed here on Facebook Marketplace, is available out of Chicago, Illinois with decent service history and seems to be well-squared for daily duty.

Finished in Black (040) over a Black Leather interior, this E55 AMG appears to be in nice shape considering the odometer reads 158k. Aside from needing a good headlight refinish and polish, we’re actually surprised to see how well this car’s been kept. Prospective buyers should absolutely seek more details given how easy it is to mask paint defects on black cars (Note the buyer does mention this car received a paint correction earlier this month) in addition to checking all the usual spots for rust considering this car’s lived in Illinois for some time.

In addition to the paint correction, some solid recent maintenance stands out including replacement of inner and outer tie rods, sway bar links, throttle position sensor, front oil seals, and hood struts in the last month. For those still on the fence, an obscure but very cool option is present on this E55- Heated and Ventilated seats.

At an $8,500 asking price, this E55 AMG seems to be a great deal for buyers hunting for the right daily driver or guiltless mile eater and highway bruiser. These AMG M113’s are known to reach 250k miles or more with minimal attention compared to M156 cars or newer AMG’s so the 158k shown shouldn’t be a major concern here. Don’t be surprised if this car ends up in one of our garages if it lingers much longer.



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