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Red Alert!: 2001 CLK55 AMG

If you’re in the market for a W210 E55 AMG but need a SpaceX ticket to keep up with the market values we’d like to suggest a grounded alternative. This 2001 CLK55 AMG was just listed for sale here on Craigslist in the San Francisco area. Asking price is a very tolerable $7000 and oh yea, it’s Magma Red.

Every time we stumble across a W208 CLK55 we end up comparing it to the E55 that shared showrooms with the understated coupes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Although it presents itself as a 2 door E55, the CLK55 was actually based on the W202 and as a result saw a better weight to power ratio over the E55. However, if rarity is your thing, twice as many CLK55’s were made over the E55 in 2001 but if we compare total model runs, more than 1000 E55’s were sold stateside- So the CLK55 Coupe is plenty rare.

This specific coupe seems to have been well kept, given the few bullet points in the listing. The seller states that all records have been kept, routine maintenance has always been performed, and the cars recently benefited from a new battery and brakes.

From what we can tell in the photos, the CLK seems to be in nice shape cosmetically as well. The paint seems to have retained it’s shine (Magma Red typically will show signs of UV exposure), no dents, dings, or scratches seem to be present, the interior looks to be well kept, and the headlights have either been refinished or kept very nice. Touched up or not, this CLK55 is most likely one of the nicest on the market. The only flaw we can spot is the de-pixelation in the cluster display screen. (This can be easily addressed and repaired)

The odometer shows a young 91k miles (These M113’s can be good for 500k miles with solid routine maintenance). Features on this CLK55 include heated, multi contour seats, a rear sunshade, and xenon headlamps. By this point we’re considering buying this CLK, if we were on the west coast, we’d be there. If 4 doors aren’t mandatory for you, we highly suggest a clean CLK55 AMG- you might even see it follow the E55 trend in value over the next few years.



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