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Red Hot Ragtop: AMG-outfitted 1995 E320 Cabriolet

Listed for sale from Ogden Lincoln out of Westmont, Illinois - home of one of the biggest pre-merger AMG outfitters in the 80s/90s - this 1995 E320 Cabriolet is sure to heat up the street.

With an "authentic Pre-Merger AMG Body Kit" as claimed by the seller, no accidents on the carfax and only 69,000 miles (nice), this rare ragtop is priced competitively at $24,683.

The car definitely sits lower than stock on its brilliantly color-matched AMG aero 1 monoblock wheels. We'd love to see underbody photos to determine if thats due to authentic AMG springs or something more modern. If the kit is authentic (and it certainly looks the part) there's a very good chance the springs are AMG as well.

Red W124 Cabriolets are rare enough themselves, but with an authentic kit and those amazing monoblocks, this car is making all the right moves for us. There's no indication that this car received any mechanical modifications from AMG and appears to be mostly a kit car. However, if the car did have a 3.6 or other engine upgrade from AMG, rest assured the price would greatly increase. It's not uncommon to see period correct AMG cars from this era with only exterior modifications. Whether or not this car was done at an AMG facility in the 90's or potentially built after the fact remains in question. Regardless, parts appear to be authentic and this cab is a real looker.

Add to the fact that, from the photos, this example appears to be in immaculate overall condition. The front seats show signs of re-skinning at some point (with more textured leather than OEM) but the job is not offensive in anyway and replacement seats can be had on the used market with a bit of effort. Some cracks can be seen in the woodgrain surrounding the shifter console and window switches which is common for this era Mercedes. Fortunately, there are no cracks in the dash.

No mention of wiring harness replacement (due to the biodegradable harness on this era of W124) and there are no photos to indicate the condition of the ragtop (or the top hydraulics), but if those items are correct and in good condition, this seems like a red hot summer deal.


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