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Refinished Monoblocks from a w210 E55 AMG

This set of AMG monoblock wheels have been fully refinished. The lips retain their polished finish and appear free of imperfections. The AMG engraved logo on the faces also appears to be sharp and defined. It's common to see the logo become faint or uneven after refinishing due to the harshness of sandblasting. In addition, many sets end up with painted lips which is also not ideal. This set appears to have been professionally refinished with care.

As an original set from a w210 E55 AMG should be, these wheels are staggered, with the rears 1 inch wider in the rear. Thank you to one of our subscribers, Sherman Virk, for submitting this set to us. For serious inquiries, he can be contacted directly at (571) 926-2974. Asking price is $2,200.

Front wheels: 8 x 18 ET31 HWA1294010102

Rear wheels: 9 x 18 ET35 HWA2104010202


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