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Rennsport Revival: 1961 190SL

Ever since Michael Potiker’s 190SL feature with Petrolicious in 2016, we’ve had a hard time shaking the idea that more W121 Roadsters need the “Rennsport” treatment, whether it’s a restomod, parts bin special, or period-correct build. This being said, we were thrilled to find this 1961 190SL listed here on eBay for, what we think is a solid deal, at $165,000 and sure to pay that back in a lifetime of cathartic dividends.

This specific 190SL is offered by Vintage Euro Parts, an outfit located in Valencia, California specializing in mid-century Mercedes restoration and parts. It’s no surprise the Roadster is being offered as a nut & bolt restoration with photo and video documentation.

The Rennsport kit, which was available from Mercedes-Benz at the time, included special aluminum doors without windows and door handles, a small plexiglass windscreen and a lightweight hood. A 190 SL fitted with the complete kit and without redundant trim weighed about 2300 lbs and was capable of 130+ miles per hour. We wouldn’t be opposed to playing with suspension, carburetors, and the gearbox on a build like this but knowing it was set up by Vintage Euro, we'd be thrilled to be a part of the club.

For all that performance, the 190SL looks every bit the part with the red plaid stretching from the front seats to the back of the cabin across the rear parcel shelf. Other notable details include the forward mounted rear view mirrors, shaved bumpers, and the original 14” aluminium wheels.

Altogether, if we had 160k to spend on a weekend toy, this would be close to or at the top of our list. We’d just want to make sure we had access to some great driving roads on a weekly basis...and maybe a replica of Stirling Moss’s Mille Miglia racing helmet.



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