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Right-Foot Steering at it's Finest: 2012 C63 AMG Coupe

It’s not often a coupe variant goes overlooked by its sedan counterpart but the W204 C63 AMG seems to build a case. We don't get the chance to feature one of these too often but IF there was the right one to wait for, this is certainly a contender. Showing only 15k miles, this 2012 C63 AMG Coupe is currently listed for sale here with Mercedes-Benz of Lancaster (In Lancaster, PA) for $43,990. Thanks to Marshall, one of our readers for the submission!

Finished in Iridium Silver Metallic (775) over Designo Classic Red (X17), we have a hard time imagining any AMG in a better color combination (there’s a reason it’s “Classic Red”). This coupe appears to be in great shape and free from any major issues or defects. According to the Carfax it jumped from Texas to Florida and then to North Carolina in it’s short 8 years of life. Given the clean report, we wouldn’t be concerned about any of the movement-this car’s clearly been well cared for and Mercedes-Benz of Lancaster would have given it a thorough inspection before offering it for sale. These cars didn’t come with many options but most notable features were standard. We love seeing the massive brakes on these cars firmly fit behind the 18” AMG wheels and all tucked under the wide fenders. Every design cue is a reminder of exactly why the C63 AMG Coupe exists: A no-apologies hot rod for the young and young at heart.

Did we mention the interior comes in Red? The Nappa-trimmed seats look every bit as good as the first day this car saw pavement. It’s evident this car has been loved and nicely kept as the interior struggles to reveal a single flaw. In sticking with the W204 styling, the center console manages to retain that notably understated look. Apart from heated seats, a drive-select knob catches our attention (Only on the AMG models), and placed just under the infotainment controls is a traction control button just waiting to be pressed by the next driver.

These Coupes weren’t the sexiest or flashiest options from AMG in the last decade but they manage what AMG’s do best- A Jekyll and Hyde monster that’s equally at home on the track or a GT-style cruise over highways and byways. The W204 C63’s saw 6 years of production but with only 3 of those years going to Coupes, they’re slightly rarer to see in the wild, especially in this color combination. Of course we recommend asking about maintenance history if you’re considering purchasing this C63, luckily the dealer should be well-equipped to offer a complete VMI to ensure no services were skipped on this M156-powered Coupe.



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