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Rinse & Repeat: 2001 ML55 AMG w/ 61K Miles

Just listed this afternoon in Milwaukee, WI, this previous Bring a Trailer star is back on the market and ready to continue its journey. This 2001 ML55 AMG can be found here on Craigslist for $13,000.

Last October this ML55 was featured on Bring a Trailer (Listing viewable here) at no reserve complete with books and records. Showing only 60,500 miles at the time we were trying to justify it as an addition to our garage. The Damage/Accident reports on the carfax didn’t concern us too much.

Fast forward to July 2020 and it’s back on the market for $750 less than the BaT sales price with only 500 miles added since the time of sale. After a little digging, we found the auction winner had backed out and “55caddie” had bought it with the penultimate bid. At $13,000 it’s definitely not considered a flip but we’d like to know why the quick turnaround. This ML55 is one of the rarer colors out there finished in Travertine Beige (693) and accented with Chrome OEM AMG wheels. Examine the photos and you’ll see the complete owners manual set and keys.

Although we don’t know the full story we assume the ML is still in fine shape and the buyer is ready for something else. At this asking price, we can't expect this ML55 to linger on the market. Between the blue ML we found earlier in the week and this, it's a good time to be in the market for a W163 AMG



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