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Risk vs Reward: Would you Buy this SLK55 AMG P30 with a Rebuilt Title?

Often when considering a preowned car, there's a trade off. Whether that means making a concession on color vs options or having to travel to find the right car. In the case of this 2009 SLK55 AMG, however, it means accepting that all rebuilt titles may not be the end of a car's life. There’s a solid deal to be had for a little roadster packing a big punch if the buyer can overlook the rebuilt status. Listed here on Facebook Marketplace out of Hackensack, New Jersey, this SLK55 shows just 63k miles on the odometer at an asking price of $15,999. Sure, it’s not a “steal” but it's a lot of car for the money if the buyer needs a fun place to park some cash that can be enjoyed on weekends.

Finished in Cubanite (Pewter) Metallic (723) over a Black Nappa hide interior, this little SLK certainly blends into the crowd when needed but seemingly manages to carry a mature but aggressive presence in this color combination. We’re pleased to see this car has been left stock and appears largely well-cared for despite the previous accident reported on the Carfax. Whatever body and paintwork was refinished, it looks to have been done well. We'd just like to get a peek at the police report and underbody to ensure quality. It’s difficult to tell in the photos but the only issues we see are some headlights that might just be starting to cloud over and perhaps the left grille slat is missing a little paint (luckily that’s an 040 Black finish).

If the wheels on this SLK55 are what made you click on this listing, you’re not alone. While the SLK55 AMG (R171) is a stellar platform, the wheels are part of the P30 Performance Package that really seems to fine tune these cars and make them all-around better. A $6,000 dollar option on the data card, the P30 Pack includes the 2-piece split spoke wheels, larger front rotors, a smaller, more contoured steering wheel, carbon fiber interior trim, and stiffer suspension AMG claims is “Nurburgring-tuned.” In addition, the top speed limiter was removed from the programming. This wasn’t a terribly common option on these cars given the upfront cost and dealers typically don’t advertise this option in the preowned prices, making this car a good deal in our books.

The Nappa Leather and Alcantara trimmed cabin appears to be well kept and maintained. The only notable option seems to be heated seats in addition to the P30 Pack but the base radio/head unit makes for an interesting combination on this car. If it was a special order, the lack of bells and whistles seems to push the driver towards more engagement with the SLK and less with screens and buttons. The carbon fiber trim doesn’t appear faded like in many examples, this tells us it didn’t have too much direct exposure to UV rays so the car was most likely looked after responsibly.

At $15,999, this seems like a great deal for a daily driver or a weekend toy. It's important to remember that an insurance company will "total" a vehicle if the fix is more expensive than the replacement. On a car like this with some intricate top mechanics and MB priced parts it could have been fairly light damage but cheaper to total it for the insurer. That being said, we'd always be thinking about what may have been overlooked in the repairs. The AMG seats ensure enough comfort on most road trips and with the top up the trunk becomes surprisingly spacious. With the top down, there’s still enough room for a couple weekend duffles so don't be afraid of letting your imagination go crazy with the possibilities this car could suggest. It’s bound to surprise most drivers who forget just how good an AMG SLK can be.



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