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Save the Manuals: 1991 300SL 5-Speed

Offered for sale here on craigslist in Brooklyn is a rare iteration of the venerable R129 chassis. Finished in Dark Blue over Stone leather, this early-90s Mercedes roadster checks the rarity boxes in three ways. First, as a 1991 its a second-year production car, which are becoming more and more rare to see on the road today. The pre-facelift R129s had a tendency to look much more dated than their late 90s-early 2000s counterparts and that previously made them less desirable. Now, however, that distinctly early 90s style has emerged en vogue and these cars are becoming more collectible by the "radwood" set and their progeny.

Second, this is a US-Spec 300SL which is actually fairly rare in and of itself. About 12,000 300SL R129s were produced from 1989-1993; only 1000 more cars than all of the SL600s/600sl's produced during the R129s entire run through 2001!

Third, and most importantly, this is a 5-speed manual gearbox car which sends the punchy power of the M104 I6 to the rear wheels with more excitement than the four-speed automatics of the era.

A passing glance at the front valance clearly shows this car has its cosmetic needs, and there are no mention of records or prior service history in the ad. So any potential buyer will need to do his or her diligence in pursuing this car for purchase.

That aside, this is a great-looking early-90s example of the popular R129 in one of the rarer specs available outside of an AMG/Special edition, and will surely provide a lot of excitement for a four-figure purchase.



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