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Sheepskin for the Win: 1996 S500 Coupe

This 1996 S500 Coupe for sale in Florida was purchased by the owner as a gift to himself for his 50th birthday and kept in gift-wrapped condition since then.

The W140/C140 chassis is strongly gaining value across the board and this example is no exception. With extensive service records since new, sheepskins installed on the interior "from four days old" according to the owner and a flawless appearance in the seller provided photos, this coupe appears to be a big win at only $7,900.

While the sheepskins are usually a measure to hide damage, the date of install dissuades most buyers that concern is reasonable; especially since the rear seats require removal for proper install on the C140 coupe.

Concerns exist with this car regarding the driver's seat belt assist assembly (which appear to be missing bezels in the photos) and a steering wheel that the seller admits "has blemishes" as hidden by a carwash wheel cover.

Those issues aside, this is a very well documented, well-preserved example of the presently less desirable C140 coupe. The double black color combination adds authority to this car's street credibility and its sure to be a future winner for owner #2 at this price.

One item that catches our eye is the presence of dealer boxed windshield wipers in the trunk. This type of obsessive ownership is the mark of a quality enthusiast and makes for good quality indicia for future buyers of well-loved MBs. This is likely an extremely nice car that's sure not to last long.


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