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Shine Like the Sun: 2002 SLK32 AMG in Yellowstone

Every time we find a clean SLK32 AMG (seems to be happening a lot recently), we’re tempted to grab it. What’s been holding us back? The existence of SLK32’s like the one recently listed for sale here on Craigslist in Maryland. Although the asking price is a bit higher than similar cars in the market, the color commands a premium.

Finished in Yellowstone (685) over a Charcoal interior this is how we would have spec’d one of these pocket rockets out almost 20 years ago. It seems this car has been kept nicely, showing only 89k miles it's been driven but not abused. The exterior still shines well and doesn’t appear to show any signs of touch ups or repaints. Prospective buyers note this is most likely a later 2002 production model given it has an AMG builders plaque. Look at early 2002 SLK32’s and the Superchargers didn’t display the builder, otherwise known as AMG Orphans.

The interior seems to be nicely kept as well. The only notable detail is the presence of reproduction floor mats (these mats don’t say “SLK32 AMG”). We’d love to see someone bring this car back to 100 percent with a proper set. Photos of the center console are missing some close up shots. Some of these models may need a re-dye/re layering of the acrylic paint used on the lower center console. These kits are easy to find and just as easy to use. We’re glad to see heated seats optioned on this one and a factory Becker head unit remains intact.

If any of you grab this car, please let us know. We love finding AMG’s in bright colors and enjoy tracking them through the markets. One things certain, once this AMG enters your line of sight, it’s impossible to lose sight of it.



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