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Should premium color command premium price? Calypso Green 1998 SLK230

With a few very good R170's recently available on the market, it's perhaps difficult to narrow down which might the best car to pursue. Things like mileage, maintenance history, and overall condition are all a given as the top of the pyramid when it comes to deciding where to park your money. But what comes after the basics are covered, things like special options or unique colors certainly help swing the vote, but how much weight should that carry when it comes to determining value? Here we have what looks to be a nice 1998 Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor (R170) listed in Abingdon, VA, in an eye-catchy Vivianite Green Metallic (279U, also been called Calypso Green Metallic) over two-tone black with Quartz Leather interior that seems to beg that same question.

With an asking price of $9,500, it's certainly on the higher end of the used SLK230 market, even with the respectably low 45,000 miles it's covered over the past 22 years. The seller claims only a few hundred R170 SLK's were offered in this color option, so it's certainly a compelling argument as to it's asking price. Condition appears to be very good, with some wear visible around the center console and ignition surround.

The seller states the car has never been in any accidents, however no other information is given with regards to service history and maintenance. Assuming the car has been as well maintained as it appears in the photos, should the rarity of the color justify the ask? Well this will ultimately come down to the individual interested in pursuing it, and we think that if you are that individual looking for a unique R170, you should at least consider reaching out to the seller and getting some more info.


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