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Simple with Big Value: 45k-mile 2004 E320

There's something to be said about a simple, reliable, and comfortable car. Of all the options that may come to your mind, we think this 2004 E320 is the winner. The car only has 45k miles since new and appears to be in extremely good condition. The 3.2L engines are very reliable and headache free. Maintenance costs are a fraction of AMG ownership and comfort is a priority. The best part is the price with an asking price of only $8,000. This is a ton of value for a barely used luxury car in this condition.

The Brilliant Silver (744) paint appears to match on all panels indicating no paint work or accidents. Headlights remain clear and free from oxidation as we typically see at this age. The seller states the car has been garage kept and the condition certainly supports that claim.

The interior looks equally as nice with no fading or cracks (that we can see) on the woodgrain trim. The leather also remains tight and plush. We don't see many w211s in this kind of condition, especially 320s as most were daily drivers and have accumulated typical wear and lots of miles.

If this car remains for sale much longer we're going to have to buy it. It's just too good to let it go for much longer. It would be extremely challenging to find a better value for $8,000: only 45k miles, extremely clean condition, reliable, and comfortable. Sounds like a big win to us.


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