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SLR'd Speech-Inducing Performance: 2008 SLR McLaren Roadster

In 1999 a concept for the SLR McLaren was debuted as the SLR Vision. Production started in 2003 and more than 500 units were delivered to clients in the first year. In 2007 the Roadster was launched to compete for market share with the likes of the Pagani Zonda F Roadster. At a 500k MSRP, the Roadster wasn’t playing around with design, performance, or exclusivity ending production with only 2100 units. This 2008 SLR is noted to be on 1 of 106 in 2008. It can be found listed here with Marino Performance Motors in West Palm Beach, FL.

As striking as the SLR McLaren was in 2003, it seems to have aged well in 2020 looking just as good today. This particular car has an unusual color combination that we find almost captivating, even in photos. The exterior is finished in Crystal Covelline Blue Metallic which seems to present as a deep purple in sunlight and accented by what appears to be Beige Silver Arrow leather interior and matching beige soft top. Noteworthy cosmetic options include a two-tone matching steering wheel and matching leather trimmed floor mats.

As crazy as all the vents, gills, diffusers, and side-exit exhaust, the SLR McLaren has the performance numbers to back up its styling. A front-mid mounted M155 SLR (modified M113K for the SLR) propels the car to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, 100mph in 6.5 seconds, and to a top end of 208 mph.

If there’s one thing the SLR achieves in spades, it’s notable features and detail-oriented design cues- All of which we’ve tried to include in the photo features below. One lesser-known feature (If it can be called a feature) is that five US states didn’t consider the SLR DOT compliant at the time of launch due to the side exit exhaust and it’s placement or “termination” before the doors. We’d advise any potential buys check with their states before registration. We can go on about these cars all day but it’s better to let the photos speak for the SLR.



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