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Snakebite: 1999 SLK230 Lorinser

Do you frequently dream about driving around in a fun convertible on a beautiful sunny day, but decide against it in fear of what people might think of your awfully bland interior? Well you’re in luck!

This unique little 1999 SLK230 Kompressor that we found listed on Facebook Marketplace in NH is claimed to have been fitted with both a Lorinser body kit, and a “Davinchy” (Da Vinci?) interior trim "FROM FACTORY"! I’m not entirely sure which factory that is, but perhaps they meant “A factory”...somewhere in an area overrun with snakes.

At first glance we thought the snakeskin covered seats were just that - covers. Upon closer inspection of the door cards and shift boot, this appears to be the whole kit and caboodle. While the seller lists this as a special interior package, we can't find any information on it either from Mercedes, or Lorinser. The car does look like it was originally fitted with a nicely optioned two-toned Black/Scarlet Red leather interior, however swapped out at some point for a more bold look. The datacard (we did ask the seller for the VIN) shows that this car would have also originally been delivered with the AMG styling package, now wearing Lorinser trimmings.

Aside from the special(?) interior, this actually looks like a pretty nice car. The Lorinser body bits look subtle enough to set the future owner apart from other SLK’ers, and the low mileage (44k), supercharged M111 paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox sounds like the perfect recipe for summer 2020 salvation. Not to mention the 3 month warranty offered by the seller which should leave you care-free straight through labor day (If you pay the full asking price, of course). At $7,995 that truthfully doesn’t sound all that bad of a deal.

So what do you think about this business on the outside, party on the inside summer get-around?


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