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Solid Car for a Solid Price: 1997 C36 AMG

If there are models we claim to know better than others, our list includes W124’s with V8’s, W210’s with V8’s, and W202’s with the AMG M104. Like many enthusiasts, we fell in love with these subsets when they became a little more affordable and abundant (relatively speaking) in the market. As most low production Mercedes, the C36 is starting to see a desirability and value upswing from it’s previous trough. That being said, a nice one, high mileage or not, is hard to come by these days. This 1997 C36 seems to prove just that. It was listed less than 24 hours ago in San Diego, CA and can be found here on Craigslist for $9,800.

Although this car is showing 156k miles, it seems to be a relatively good find. The Black (040) paint seems to be in nice shape, the interior looks terribly well kept, and it seems the owner may have sprung for new C36-specific floor mats recently. The first signs of wear on these cars typically show through on the two tone, nappa hide steering wheel, and some of the center console details (switches, cupholders, etc). Look closer at this one and you’ll notice the original window sticker has even been kept with the car.

As nice as it is, a few light flaws are still present. The owner notes normal rock chips and light scratches as expected on any car showing 150k+ miles. One of the bumper inserts seems to be missing, and the bumper badge has been misplaced as well- both common occurrences. If you really want to pick, the intake tube is broken where it connects to the engine cover but that doesn’t affect performance or integrity. We’d want to ask for a closer look at wheel imperfections and the headliner as well. Change out the dead cluster bulbs, paint a bumper insert, and this is a very presentable daily.

This C36 AMG looks to be in decent shape overall and cosmetically it’s hard to beat, even on cars with half the mileage of this one. We’d advise somebody in the market for one of these to strongly consider this car at this price point. AS a two owner, no accident car, it presents well and what does need addressed won’t break the bank.



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