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Spruce Green with Envy: 1993 500E

Did you know the W124 500E was assembled at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart? Of course you did because every single sales listing attempts to mention the “collaboration” even if standard details slip through the cracks. In reality, the 500E was built on a Porsche production line due to body width restrictions on the standard W124 lines. Furthermore, the line was just leased to Mercedes by Porsche for the build and the legends claiming Porsche had much more a hand in the development are largely tall tales. Like other listings, the verbiage for this 1993 500E is short and sweet but still accomplishes the mission of mentioning Porsche. It’s currently listed here on Craigslist for $24,000 showing 122k on the clock out of Portland, Maine.

This example is especially attractive to us given the lustrous Spruce Green Metallic nicely accented by a period correct pinstripe and freshly painted lower cladding. Although only a few photos are offered, this 500E appears to be in fantastic shape and we have a hard time identifying any flaws or botched paintwork. We just want to see the right side of the car before we give the exterior a confident thumbs up. The AMG monoblock wheels do a great job complimenting the W124 and it's worth asking if the original 8 hole 500E wheels may still be available.

The interior is trimmed in Creme beige leather and unfortunately the condition is left to the imagination. Much like the visible parts of this 500E, we hope the interior presents equally as nice. Given these cars are typically enthusiast owned, we’re willing to bet the owner/seller would be willing to snap and share additional photos for an interested or inquiring party. We can tell a bracket is missing or broken in the center of the bumper which is somewhat common, causing the lower plastic to bow.

Overall, this is probably a fair deal on this car IF it’s as nice as it appears to be. A little homework could go a long way and potentially pay off if service records are up to snuff. It’s becoming increasingly hard to track down 500E’s at this mileage, in nice shape, and moreover in Spruce Green Metallic.


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