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Stage Four Roar: 2006 CLS55AMG Kleemann Stage 4

What do you get when you combine an already rare, one year only AMG sport sedan with the highest level of tuning from one of the most reliable tuning houses in the Mercedes universe? Well, funny you should ask...

Offered for sale on craigslist out of Phoenix, AZ (naturally), this 2006 CLS55 AMG is already a very rare beast on its own. Offered only for model year 2006 in the US, this sport coupe - while based on the W211 chassis - offered less practicality than the W211 with less legroom, headroom and trunk space - but with a higher price tag and sportier, swooping sport coupe styling. The CLS55 AMG was powered by the M113K 5.4L supercharged powerplant found in the E55 W211 producing 469 hp and 516 lb⋅ft of torque. The driving experience is essentially the same as that in the E55 W211 but with the longer, more elegant "four door coupé" styling.

Today's example takes the M113K's eminently modifiable power plant toward's its reasonable limits by way of German tuning haüs Kleemann. This particular example is said to be fitted with Kleemann's "S4" or Stage 4 package which includes upgraded ECU programming, modified supercharger pulley, stainless steel modular tube headers and down pipes, Super Sport Camshafts, Super Sprint stainless steel exhaust, and a modified inlet house and throttle body.

The seller claims these modifications bring the total bhp numbers from 469bhp to 600+. This is in line with what Kleemann claims for the stage 4 kit with official numbers stated as "640 bhp and 731 lb-ft of torque". Quite an impressive jump over the stock 469/516 found on the M113k. No word from the seller as to whether this car has the modified LSD or TCU upgrades, but those would be worthy inquiries for any interested buyers, to be sure. All that power through a stock 5-speed transmission is sure to create some premature stress and wear.

The seller touts dual K&N air filters and 20" Vossen CV1 wheels wrapped with brand new Nitto's all the way around. While we prefer the stock AMG wheels (and the performance/handling qualities surely do as well) the wheels don't appear too offensive on this particular body style and can easily be returned to stock, if desired.

With 84,000 miles on the odometer and a beautiful triple black color combo, this CLS55 AMG Kleemann S4 a lot of bang for your buck at under $20,000; especially considering the S4 kit itself was $24k by itself (according to receipts claimed by the seller).

If you want a rare, modified example of an already rare AMG sport sedan for under $20k, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal than this one; assuming the Carfax is clean and the seller has proper maintenance records for the car, as claimed. Note that the M113k has a tendency to generate cooling issues and blown head gaskets when modified, so be sure to give it a proper inspection before cutting the check for this W219.


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