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Still Cheaper than a New Kia Rio: 20k-Mile 2001 E320

Too often we find great cars listed for sale but the photos leave so much in question. While this is one of those listings, it's apparent that this car has lived a pampered life and presents in near new condition all around. Before we digress, we cannot emphasis the importance of quality photos when listing a car for sale online. The single most important presentation of a car is the photos when browsing online listings. In many ways, this is why people turn to successful online auction platforms. Generally speaking, the quality of photos are better and the sellers are required to provide a certain minimum level of photos. This car would greatly benefit from such guidance as the photos that are provided have us dying for more.

Listed here in Ludlow, Massachusetts, this 2001 E320 is finished in Black (040) over Charcoal Leather and has only 20k miles. While it is very difficult to tell the condition of black paint in photos, especially without direct sunlight, we can't point out any blemishes or swirl marks in the paint. To our point above, we aren't given enough photos of the exterior to make a safe call but given the mileage and other photos provided, some additional research for any potential buyers should come back flawless. The headlights look crystal clear and it's worth noting the car is optioned with xenon headlights which received a much cleaner headlight housing than the halogens. All W210 headlights oxidize and haze over with time under the sun. We'd be willing to bet these are original based on the remarkably low mileage, however, it's not impossible that they've been refinished. All this to say, the seller states the car has always been garage kept and all signs are supporting that claim very well.

On the interior, we can see the car is optioned with heated seats but most other equipment is standard. The seller does provide a photo of the headliner which appears to be in perfect condition. This was another weak point of W210's as the headliners all sag over time beginning in the rear corners. The driver's seat seems to be barely sat in and with such low mileage, it likely is. The side bolster shows no wear and is reflective of a car with 20k miles. The rear seats are no different with not even a crease. From what we can see of the woodgrain, there's no fading issues at all and the wood retains it's luster. The factory floor mats are still installed which is always a nice bonus as they tend to go missing after two decades.

Since the car does live in a colder climate, any potential buyers must have the car inspected for signs of corrosion. Even in warm clients, the W210's can fall victim to rust issues. The seller states the car has never seen snow which is believable considering the car has traveled only 20k miles in 20 years. The E320 engines are known to be extremely reliable and easy from a maintenance standpoint. The seller also states that the car comes with all factory books, maintenance records, and the original window sticker.

The listing has been up for over a month now so the seller may be willing to listen to offers. The asking price is $15,000 which certainly isn't cheap for a W210 E320 on today's market. So while this is at the top of the curve from a price point, it also has the condition and mileage to support it. Ultimately, from a value perspective, we can't really argue with the price at all. You can own a near new W210 E320 for less than the price of a brand new Kia Rio.


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