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Stuttgart Knows Red Cars: 1995 C36 AMG in Imperial Red

Our weekly searches seem to leave no stone unturned but there are always cars and listings that slip through the cracks of various search engines. This 1995 C36 AMG, although listed for several weeks, has evaded our searches for some time and we hope that by giving it a solid review it will find a new home among our readers. It’s currently listed here on Facebook Marketplace in Ardmore, TN for $11,500 with 99,321 miles on the clock.

Why more C36’s were not ordered in Imperial Red (582) is beyond us. This color seems to show off every line of the car and give the impression it’s just that much more special than a black C280 sitting by its side, new on the lot. This specific C36 appears to be in great shape cosmetically all in one piece including all the small bits that seem to go missing over time. For instance, note that the original bumper inserts, single bumper badge, and engine badge are all complete. In addition even the engine cover (which always splits and the intake are intact). The only abnormality we can spot on the exterior is the missing hood star. In its place is what appears to be a period correct flat badge, which we’ll happily overlook given how clean this C36 seems to be.

Supposedly owned by a collector, it’s no surprise the interior is as nice and as original as the exterior. As we previously mentioned, the original “C36 AMG” branded mats are still in place and we’re very pleased to see the OEM head unit, phone , and CD changer. Judging by the upper wood trim on the dashboard, the car was exposed to repetitive UV rays at some point in its life but even then, mildly affected in total as the clear coat would give away any prominent clues. If any other indicators are needed, check out the contrasting leather at the bottom of the steering wheel- It’s as nice as it could be.

If there’s one thing we can’t emphasize enough it's that prospective buyers must be aware of maintenance records, or lack thereof, when buying a C36. We’re happy to see the seller has mentioned solid work performed on the car including a new wiring harness (to replace the problematic original). For the asking price we wouldn’t be afraid to grab this and drive it for a year, we may even expect to make a little money at the end. One thing’s for certain, this Imperial Red C36 AMG is sure to stand out from the crowd.



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