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Summer Cruiser: Imperial Red E320 Cabriolet

This week is quickly becoming the week of red cars and rightly so on the tail end of July 4th. This 1994 E320 cabriolet deserves the spotlight today and is one of the better deals out there for a properly functioning cab. It can be found listed here in Atlanta, GA with Motorcar Studio for $9,900.

While most of these cabs were black, white, or smoke silver, this w124 is finished in an attractive and rare Imperial Red (582) over black leather and shows 167k on the odometer. All features are reportedly working including the roof, AC, and heated seats. Although there’s no record mentioned of top cylinder work, we’re confident something has been done to retain functionality all this time. Also included with the car is the factory tool kit, draft (wind) deflector, books, and original window sticker (Showing the $78,325 MSRP in 1994)

Although this car doesn’t show like it has 167k on the clock, it’s priced well considering it looks much younger cosmetically (Don't believe us? Check out all the photos below.) In addition a lower mileage engine has been installed recently after a head gasket failure (not uncommon for an M104)- The seller notes receipts and records are available upon request which should give any buyer peace of mind in this Cabriolet.

With that being said, this car is a reliable driver that looks as good as it performs. Serious buyers shouldn’t be worried about the replacement engine affecting value or the mileage but more concerned with finding time to see this car in person. Given the price, color, and options, we don’t expect it to linger on the market much longer.



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