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Super Kleen, Man: 2003 Kleemann-Tuned SL55 AMG

Listed for sale on craigslist out of Scottsdale, AZ is this 2003 black/red SL55 AMG with a reported $30k in additional tuning work by Kleemann and others.

The SL55 AMG was already a powerful supercharged roadster capable of smiles for miles, but this example has had its already impressive horsepower numbers increased from the factory 495 to a reported 638bhp! These supercharged M113 "Kompressor" engines are known for being able to generate a ton of additional power with the right pulleys/tunes, etc. and this example appears to be no exception.

With only 23,000 original miles and a gorgeous red (287) leather interior that truly pops against the black (040) paint, this SL55 AMG already has a lot going for it (excepting, perhaps, the chrome finish on the "three-piece forged alloy" aftermarket wheels).

Add to that the following list of performance upgrades and you have a potentially excellent tire-destroying roadster:

"Reprogrammed ECU (engine) and TCU (transmission), stainless steel headers and down pipe, performance supercharger pulley, SLR racing camshafts, performance throttle body, limited slip rear differential, 3:08 gears, upgraded cooling system." At a claimed cost of over $30k in upgrades by the seller, this roadster's powerplant has clearly had a lot of extra attention.

Unfortunately, however, the seller is asking all the money for this car; perhaps trying to recoup the costs of the upgrades.

Considering the price of a R230 SL65 with similar miles could likely be had for less than this (with some patient shopping) one would really need to have an affinity for the M113K (or distaste for the mighty V12) in order to plunk down $36,000 for this killer Kleeman. Any interested buyers should be sure to ask for a photo of the driver's bolster to check for wear on those red leather seats...

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Lawrence Fearon
Lawrence Fearon
Aug 02, 2020

Ha! "Check the driver's bolster for wear" and what do we find? New condition seats of course. Price is a bit low and a tremendous deal.

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