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Supercar Performance with an Economical Warranty: 2017 Brabus AMG 600

Although a bit out of our typical wheelhouse, we can’t deny how cool the AMG GT is and as they creep down in prices we can’t ignore the amazing value for a daily drivable performance coupe. This specific AMG GT hasn’t quite hit the sweet spot for value but definitely has hit the mark for coolness and fun factor. Currently listed for sale here on Autotrader is this 2017 AMG GTS Coupe presented with a nudge from Brabus under the hood.

Originally finished in Designo Diamond White over Red Pepper, the GT is now wrapped in a surprisingly appealing Miami Blue. If the color looks familiar, you must know your current Porsche paint palette. Definitely a loud color combination but appropriate on this car and the contrast between colors has us loving it’s road presence in the photography.

Out of the factory, the GT S comes with 500 horsepower and a top end of more than 200 mph (If you’re into that sort of thing.) With more than $100k pumped into Brabus modifications, this coupe is now dubbed the Brabus AMG 600 and has reportedly been milked for another 200 horsepower. No specs or stats are given but we can assume this car is running a 0-60 time around 3 seconds, possibly less with the right tires.

The seller states the car is in spectacular shape and given the MB approved Brabus modifications, still retains 90,000 miles of warranty for another 4 years. The Red Pepper interior still shows as though it left the showroom yesterday and we assume given the wrap, the same can be said for the Designo paint. Included with the sale is full documentation of the build including receipts from Brabus and the original Monroney Label.

Cars like this don’t come across our radar too often but it's safe to say when they’re built right and presented correctly we have a hard time ignoring them. Asking price for this loud coupe is an equally loud $154k but when you consider the cost of modification along with the extended warranty, it could be argued that your money goes a long way...or at least gets there quickly.



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