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Supercharged on a Budget: 2004 E55 AMG

Older AMG's will always be valuable. As the trend has now progressed into the post merger AMG's with the W210 and W163, we've even seen values for W211's beginning to rise. Obviously, the low mileage examples will bring premiums but even for standard driver specs the values certainly aren't going down. It seems as those these too have hit the bottom of their depreciation curve. Located in Taylors, SC, this 2004 E55 AMG is a great deal for someone who can put a little bit of time into some aesthetics. Seen with 121k miles, the car is certainly a driver for the current owner but with a $10,300 asking price it is priced accordingly.

To start, the driver side headlight needs to be restored so the car doesn't look like it's trying to wind at you. A Carfax would be a good idea to check for any major damage reported previously. Given the passenger side headlight looks to be in much better condition than the driver side, it makes us wonder. The rear bumper is also slightly drooping on the driver corner which should be an easy fix as there doesn't appear to be any damage. Aside from that, the exterior looks surprisingly clean. The Brilliant Silver Metallic paint still has plenty of shine and suits the car very well.

On the interior, the only bothersome issue is the driver door pillar which has suffered from wear over time. The seat bolsters always show wear although that can typically be repaired or remedied well enough to not be a concern. Along with the seat bolsters, another normal w211 wear item is the center arm rest. In time, the leather begins to come unglued and gives a wavy look which we can see here as well. Along the base of each seat is a plastic trim piece that aligns with the storage compartment beneath the seat. There appears to be a tab broken or loose which could also be easily repaired. Looking at the rest of the cabin, the car appears to be in good shape with rear seats that look barely used. All guages are fully functioning, woodgrain is free from cracks, and the dash remains in nice shape.

The W211 E55 AMG was the first E class to come from the factory with a supercharger. Rated at 469 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque when new, the M113 Kompressor could launch this 3,900 sedan to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The AMG versions also receive firmer suspension, performance brakes, and a quad-tip exhaust. Both the front and rear bumpers along with side skirts are AMG specific as well to give the car a more aggressive look.

Overall, we'd still consider this a very fair price for an 04 E55 AMG with 121k miles. This is the kind of car that we see pop up for sale with a dealer 1-2 months later with all reconditioning addressed and an asking price of $16k+. Fortunately, the few aesthetic needs the car has shouldn't be terribly expensive to address. As long as the car checks out mechanically, you could have yourself a great AMG.


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