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The Difference Between Style and Fashion: 2005 CLK500 Designo by Giorgio Armani

While we’re talking about rare, exorbitant priced W209 CLKs we need to address a co-branded, leather clad elephant in the room over at Hemmings. Although this one’s not available to the North American market yet, we have to talk about it. This 2005 CLK500 Designo by Giorgio Armani (Yes that’s the model) can be found listed here on Hemmings for a whopping $61,250.

Only 100 of these designer W209’s were made in both coupe and cabriolet specs and unlike our last CLK post, the engine isn’t the focal point of this one. Think about what you expect from Designo and amplify that by 10 before you look too closely at this warm-tone four seater. Finished in Designo Magno Sabbia this car was meant to embody a combination of modernity and timelessness. This special satin finish was created specifically for this model so best to have it wrapped and coated for protection. The interior is where it gets even more interesting- Anthracite accents a Sabbia and Brown Designo two tone cabin to show off bespoke leather work on every surface of this interior, including the floor mats. To reduce hard finishes and glare the wood in the CLK has been replaced with double stitched Designo Brown leather stamped with Designo Giorgio Armani text.

Although we have a hard time justifying the price, we certainly see the allure of owning and driving this car as it presents itself more like a new pair of Ferragamo’s compared to most CLK500’s. We just can’t imagine how much leather conditioned we’d go through every year with all the top down fun. Take a look at the photos and you can almost feel the texture of the Designo Nappa hide.



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