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The Early Bird Gets the Worm: 2002 E320 Wagon w/32k Miles

The early bird gets the worm and in our case, despite a valiant effort at purchasing this beauty, it slipped through our fingers. Listed out of Ohio, this 2002 E320 Wagon was posted here on Facebook Marketplace. It touted an incredibly low 32k miles, a single owner history, and beautiful color combo rarely seen on these cars. Asking price was $8,495 and yes, that’s absolutely a steal whether you’re looking to resell or keep and drive as a beautiful daily.

Finished in a gorgeous Midnight Blue (904) over Java (214) Leather, this is one of the prettier W210 wagons we’ve seen. Given the condition of this wagon we firmly believe the mileage and ownership history to be correct. Very few, even minor, flaws can be pointed out. In the interest of chasing perfection we’d want to replace the steering wheel buttons and replace the antenna rubber. Otherwise this E-Class appears to be very well kept and the seller claims all maintenance is up to date and has been performed on schedule by their local dealer.

The only listed options are heated front seats and the folding, rear facing third row seat. Not that drivers will be left wanting much more, these cars were nicely appointed and still manage to capture that classic Mercedes feel we all love. The Java leather seems to be in great shape and we’re not terribly surprised given the mileage. There’s a good chance this car has been garage-kept it’s entire life and washed regularly. Even the dashboard seems to be free of any cracks or UV related imperfections.

Upon speaking with the owner, many had reached out and a deposit had already been made. There’s a good chance it’s currently headed to a new home and we won’t be surprised if it pops up on one of the large auction sites in the next 30-60 days. Hopefully the new owner hasn’t found too many surprises and kudos to them for getting a hold of this absolute beauty.



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