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The Imperial Standard: Is this 1995 C36 AMG too far gone?

This 1995 C36 AMG is one of those cars that deserves to be rescued from its current state. With the odometer showing just over 174k miles, this rescue will most likely need to be fueled by passion over rationality. If this sounds like the passion project you’ve been waiting for, the car can be found here on Craigslist just outside San Francisco, CA listed for $5,500 USD.

Let's start with the good- As a 1995 model, this C36 features some early 90’s MB tech that was lost in later years of the C36 and w202 cars. Some of these features include the old-style center console with semi-analog climate control and retro cassette tape storage below the head unit. Other early features include the contrasting Sportline steering wheel and matching sun visors. The car is reported to be a solid runner with functional AC and a rust-free body.

Although the body seems to be rust-free and largely dent-free, a full repaint seems to be in order. Upon closer inspection, the clear coat seems to be flaking on the rear fenders, trunk lid, roof, and hood. This isn’t an uncommon issue on these cars but given the rarity of Imperial Red (582) on these, a full repaint would restore a good bit of value to this already rare car. In Addition to paint, various C36-specific trim pieces will need to be obtained including 90-s style AMG badges, bumper inserts, and a new hood ornament. The wheels could use a proper refinish to top off the cosmetic needs.

If this car is in good running condition, all this work shouldn’t scare off potential buyers. The values of these AMG w202’s have been creeping up over the last few years and a well sorted Imperial Red C36, even with high mileage, will be nearly impossible to track down several years from now.



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