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The Nippon Hammer: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 400E 4.2 AMG Stage III

Today's example is one of the rarest pre-merger cars we've seen come onto the market in a long time. Most historians agree that less than 20 units of the AMG-tuned 400E were built - and all of them built exclusively for the Japanese market. Stage I cars received visual and chassis modifications, while Stage II and Stage III variants took performance further with engine upgrades and a specific design. The number of "Stage III" cars that were produced, such as this one, is thought to be less than 8.

Listed for NO RESERVE auction over on cars & bids, this 400E is a Japanese-spec W124 sedan that was imported from Japan by the seller in October 2019. It's equipped with a metric instrument cluster, and its odometer shows about 76,700 kilometers (47,700 miles). Finished in Black Pearl Metallic over Grey leather Sportline interior, this cars shows incredibly well in the photos.

This 400E is a true pre-merger build; one of a handful of made-to-order cars, and quite a far cry from Mercedes-Benz's volume-oriented performance sub-brand of today. During its AMG treatment, the car received a tuned V8 with specific cams, an AMG exhaust system, 17-inch wheels, a lower and firmer suspension system, a full AMG body kit, and AMG gauges, among many other add-ons.

It's also equipped with an incredible multi-piece aftermarket sound system from Mcintosh labs that, by itself, could be individually sold for close to five figures!

Power for this 400E comes from a 4.2-liter V8, which produces 275 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque when left stock. The seller notes the modifications increase its output to approximately 312 horsepower, which is 14 less than a 500E, and 313 ft-lbs of torque.

With the rarity and desirability of these pre-merger AMG cars becoming feverishly hot, this incredible W124 sedan is sure to bring strong money from fans of both the JDM and the AMG market. And at No Reserve, this thing will definitely find a new home in the next week by the close of auction. With very little to no data on recent transaction value for these specific, rare examples, it's anyone's guess how high the bidding will go. In any event, it will be exciting to watch the results. We're thinking this will surprise everyone with a big final bid amount!


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