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The Sincerest Form of Flattery: 1993 400E converted to a 500E

It seems that a fellow enthusiast in Mustang, Oklahoma (we know, it’s fitting) is living a life that we’re willing to bet most W124 owners are guilty of considering once or twice in their ownership. Currently listed here on Facebook Marketplace, this 1993 400E is for sale at a reasonable asking price of $6,500 with 129k on the odometer. The kicker? This 400E is as much a 500E as it could be without having the matching data card.

Not much detail is given on the swap but the seller states the car has undergone a complete series of cosmetic and functional surgery. Clearly shown in the photos the 400E has received wider 500E fenders along with bumpers and other commiserate body panels. Keep in mind, the rear fenders are no easy task as it's not as simple as a panel swap. While we don't mind the aftermarket wheels, a set of monoblocks would help give it a more authentic look. Looks aside, the seller mentioned the transformation included a proper engine, transmission, and differential to complete this oh-so-tempting Franken E.

It’s mentioned in the listing that the car is far from perfect, yet runs and drives nicely. Some decent cosmetic work is needed to meet standards but shouldn’t be terribly difficult if a buyer is looking to make this a driveable project car. In order, we’d want to see the car with a proper wash and polish. The photos are quick to reveal the bumpers are in need of a possible repaint and the hood or grille needs a small realignment or adjustment. The Beige interior, which does seem to be missing the 500E seats, actually presents a little nicer than we expected. Although the leather surfaces seem to be in dire need of a deep clean and condition, a good vacuum would take this car a long way. The black steering wheel does seem to have been re-wrapped in the past but a wheel is easy to find whether you want something in a matching beige or a reman’d wood wheel.

In short, this car isn’t perfect but for the $6,500 asking price we think it’s deserving of some good attention and recognition. It’s far from some of the concours level W124’s we’re used to but we’re willing to wager this is a blast to drive around and much less stressful in thick traffic. Of course, given the photos and short listing we’d strongly recommend buyers ask as many questions as possible and request a complete walk around if buying sight-unseen.



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