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The Time to Buy is Now: 2007 CLK63 AMG Cabriolet

Like most of our readers we love to speculate on the current market values of weird, rare, and obscure Mercedes. Whether it’s the anticipation of a value spike or market reactions related to a publicized sale, we keep a list of cars under constant watch and observation. One of our favorites on this list is the CLK63 Cabriolet and on the rare occasion they pop up on the market, they make for great discussion. Today’s example, this 2007 CLK63 AMG Cab, can be found listed here on Craigslist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It shows only 58k miles on the clock at a very reasonable ask of $20,700. If those numbers alone don’t tempt you, keep in mind the North American Market only received the CLK63 Cab for two model years, 2007-2008. In that time less than 250 examples were sold. That means there’s almost 100 more Black Series Coupes floating around the country compared to the cabriolets.

This low-mileage example appears to be nicely kept. It’s finished in Black (040) over Black leather, it's definitely been spec’d out to appeal to the masses but looks so sleek when clean. Not many interior photos are offered so we’re going to make the assumption that this black interior could benefit from a solid decontamination and conditioning of the leather as this car’s probably lived much of its life with the top down in a coastal town. The seller notes the original wind deflector, owners manual, and both keys are still included with the car although there’s no mention of ownership history.

Prospective buyers would do well in asking about maintenance records before negotiating a final price. These M156’s have become notorious for needing head bolt work along with timing valves, and the PCV valve. There’s a chance this car has been well maintained but we rarely come across an owner that’s not proud enough of all the work to neglect mentioning it in the for sale listing. While these engines and platforms worked together beautifully, this work can be detrimental to the car and the owner's wallet so it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting into ahead of time.

That being said, we fully believe these Cabriolets are near the trough of their value curve and can only go up from here. Between production numbers, exclusivity, and design, we can’t help but think a car like this (if the mileage doesn't double) would continue to not only retain value for years to come but most likely appreciate faster than most models from the same era. Although this specific example raises some questions we have no doubt it’s a solid buy under $20k and is sure to deliver years of happiness to the next owner.



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