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The Tiniest Freight Train on the Market: 1998 SL74 RENNtech

This 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL600 has been modified with the SL74 package from RENNtech and has a low 50k miles on the odometer. As if the standard m120 V12 wasn’t freight train enough for you, this RENNtech version is surely here to exceed expectations. The package included increasing displacement of the quad-cam V12 to 7.4 liters. When looking at any r129, there's certain things that need to be addressed. Fortunately for the next owner of this SL600, many of those items appear to be addressed. These include a new soft top (hopefully the hydro-electric motors that control the tops were rebuilt or replaced at this time), reupholstered hard top, front suspension accumulators and leveling valve, overhauled A/C system, and new rotors. Still, m120 ownership is not cheap. In fact, it can be quite expensive and we dare say that will only rise as time passes and replacement parts are NLA or impossible to find. To compensate your wallet, the value of these cars should continue to appreciate handsomely and you'll forget everything when you put your foot down on the throttle.

RENNtech claimed output was 575 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque and knowing them, you'll feel every bit of that behind the wheel. RENNtech's modified intake is made from Carbon Fiber, matching much of the interior trim. Additional performance modifications include exhaust downpipes with RENNtech tips, an ECU reprogram, and an oil cooling kit. It's worth noting that the original brakes on this car were likely much larger 2 piece Alcon or Brembo brakes. The seller states that they were replaced with Silver Arrow brakes (still rare) as parts for the older Alcons and Brembos can be difficult to source. car is finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic over grey/black leather and is equipped with the AMG styling package from the factory. The driver seat could use a good cleaning as detailed in the photos although it's hard to notice as the photography is top notch. Enlarged 19″ AMG wheels have been added, one of which was repaired after having cracked. We'd strongly recommend replacing that wheel as this car will get you high into the triple digits in seconds and that's not something you want to fail. A set of 18" monoblocks or RENNtech Monolites would be ideal and in our opinion, more fitting.

Classic RENNtech cars are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in today’s market which is causing values to rise. In addition, RENNtech’s rich history and reputation for building the highest performance specs in the most reliable fashion has set them apart from a sea of tuners. For those that don't know, Hartmut Feyhl worked for 12 years at AMG Germany and also served as the North American Division's Technical Director prior to branching off independently in 1989 to start RENNtech. In other words, Hartmut knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make a Mercedes-Benz uniquely special and extremely fast without compromising reliability. The current bid as of now is up to $44,000 on Bringatrailer. Check it out before it closes tomorrow, 6/19, at 2:30pm and don’t forget the popcorn!


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