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The Viscerally Appealing, Appreciating Asset: 2008 CLK63 Black Series Renntech

What do we have in common with a Mitsubishi dealer in Brooklyn? We both think this 2008 CLK63 Black Series is ultra cool. Although this car’s been listed for some time there’s a lot to talk about and we’re wondering why we haven’t seen more chatter around this one, good or bad. This car is currently listed here with Brooklyn Mitsubishi in Brooklyn, NY for what we think is a good deal at $149k. Before you jump on us, let us explain…

CLK63 Black Series are on the upswing (good news for current owners that bought the trough) and are expected to keep climbing as the majority of these cars continue to see more miles every year. Examples priced in the 60k USD range several years ago are now in the 80’s with some listing even higher. Many of these examples are showing less than 20k miles being listed in the mid-90’s.

This particular example has a lot going for it. Of course the 6,300 miles are worth noting but dig deeper and you’ll find only 500 of these cars were built worldwide with 350 headed to the North American market. Out of those 350 only a handful were finished in Calcite White (650) over the standard Black/Anthracite. Dig even deeper into the photos and you’ll notice a familiar name on the fenders and stamped across the intake- Renntech.

Although no record of work from Renntech is mentioned we can, at very minimum, assume a tune and intake given the side badging. Even more we’d like to think headers and a transmission tune were applied but given the lack of history, we can’t be certain. If the owner really wanted to go all out, Renntech offered more than 25k worth of upgrades for these cars, most only visible below the surface if at all.

Given the information we do have on this one, the overall condition of the car, and the rarity of the specific spec we have a hard time arguing the price set by the dealer. Sure it could be argued it’s 20k too much but there really aren’t any comps out there and there may never be. This is one of those situations where the car will inevitably sell but may take some time to find the right buyer



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