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These W210's are Bulletproof...Seriously!-1999 E430

If there’s anything we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that even the average person has to expect the unexpected. For the modern Mercedes enthusiast on the go, this philosophy shouldn’t hinder the daily duties more than the average pothole or light traffic jam. Listed here on Craigslist in San Francisco is the solution we’ve all been looking for but didn’t know we needed- A GUARD-Spec 1999 E430 for $8000.

For our readers who aren’t familiar with the E-Guard lines, we’ll help break it down. The W210 E Class (amongst other models) was available with factory amoring from Mercedes-Benz. These specially optioned cars, dubbed GUARD trim, could be ordered with two levels of protection- B4 or B6 (on a B1-B7 threat scale). The car in question is a B4 build, this will include Isoclima bullet proof glass (typically glass bonded and layered with plastic or composite material), sunroof deletion, a drivers side window with partial opening (All other windows remain fixed), reinforced chassis for weight, SLS in the rear, and an optional external loud-speaker. Essentially this W210 E430 has reinforced and armored windows, doors, fuel cell, cabin, and floors. These cars could be had for $135k new from Mercedes-Benz.

We have reached out to the seller for a VIN as the datacard will verify the factory GUARD and in the meantime we’ve been left to speculate exactly what this E430 offers and what it needs as it transitions to a new owner. Off the bat we spot a few inconsistencies (delamination and what appears to be a hairline crack) in the glass on both the passenger side of the car and the windshield. Otherwise, this E430 appears fairly standard and in nice shape.

The odometer displays 67k miles and the interior looks to be all in one piece. As we consider this car, we’re left wondering if it would benefit from a sport kit and whether or not the weight difference in the GUARD amoring would allow for 18-inch Monoblocks. Although if we’re to the point of getting shot at, we’d prefer to arm this sedan with a wheel and tire capable of hopping a curb or median. There’s a lot left to the imagination upon viewing this listing but there’s a lot to take in as well. We’ll update as we get more information. Let us know if anyone is familiar with this car out west, we’d love to know more!



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