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This is Responsible Ownership: 1999 E55 AMG

As W210 E55 AMG value continue to rise, we encounter an increasing number of dealer listings pricing moderately miled E55’s. Many of these examples have us scratching our heads but once in a while we find one priced at the top of the range that just seems to fit. This 1999 E55 listed here with Mancuso Motorsports just outside of Chicago is a prime example of a top dollar and top range car although does it command the $23,888 ask?

Listed as a two owner (The second owner taking possession in 2000) example, this E55 AMG certainly looks the part in the listing photos. All the typical pain points appear to be well kept on this one and largely in original shape. Exterior parts generally in need of reconditioning includes headlight lenses, Monoblock wheels, and painted trim pieces like mirror covers and bumper inserts. Altogether and especially for 91k on the clock this E55 looks to be extremely well sorted and cared for. This specific car has even managed to avoid window tint for 20 years to retain the classic look of blue sport glass from the factory. The Black 040 paint still shines nicely and although manages to hide blemishes look relatively spotless under the showroom lighting.

The interior is just as clean and that’s hard to accomplish for a two tone Alpaca/Slate Grey (588) Nappa hide example. It’s so often the Alpaca Grey common touch points on these cars deteriorate with continued use and oils/dirt from constant contact but every light colored surface stuns in this example. It’s unclear whether the interior has been retouched or not but even if it has, the work receives a top score in our book. In addition to all the leather, the Birdseye maple trim even appears to have retained a factory look while avoiding any prolonged sun exposure. The 20-year owner certainly kept this car nice and made sure to mind the details. Buyers will be pleased to see the factory two-tone floor mats wrapped and protected in the trunk but the eagle-eyed viewer will take note of the slightly sagging headliner over the back seats.

As a 1999 model, we happen think this is more special than the facelifted W210 successor sold from 2000-2002 model years. With more angular sport design features and a slightly taller beltline, the 99 E55’s tend to stand out as the proper follow up to the late 500E and E60’s. In addition, the single year of production yielded far less examples so seeing another is even more astounding from the driver's seat of a 1999. With an asking price of $23,888, Mancuso is certainly priced at the top of the market given the 91k clocked miles but actually finding another ‘99 this clean is nearly impossible.



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