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Too Good to be True? 1995 S500 Coupe

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Photos sell the car, or at least in this case, they should. This 1995 S500 Coupe has been listed for the better part of a week and has already seen a price drop. As far as C140’s go, this looks to be about as nice as they come and despite the odometer showing 120k miles, the car sure doesn’t look to have had a difficult life. Current asking price is a mere $5,500 and can be found listed here on Facebook Marketplace out of San Jose, California.

Pleasantly, the Black (040) exterior has either been very well cared for throughout it’s life or recently benefited from a solid repaint. Given the seller mentions this C140 is a two owner example, we’re hoping it’s just been well kept and just been spruced up with a wax and polish. The lower grey cladding looks just as nice and even the small chrome strip running along the trim shines nicely. The only aspect of this car that seems to be mildly “off” is what appears to be a new bumper insert/tow hook cover, which may indicate this car has been cleaned up to sell.

The interior follows suit and although the leather looks a tad shiny, this C140 really comes across as a clean example. The wood trim looks great and the upper door trim seems to be the only areas suffering from light fading due to UV exposure. The factory carpets still look nice and don’t seem to be too faded, aside from the rear deck covering. A decent amount of the interior isn’t shown in the photos so we can only make assumptions based on what can be seen but overall, this S500 Coupe looks like something we’d be happy to pick up given the asking price.

Hopefully one of our West Coast readers will pick this up and enjoy it or at least check it out and let us know if it’s as nice as it seems. Of course we understand that some listings may seem too good to be true and given the photography so we’d recommend any prospective buyers take some time to gather as much information on the history of this car as possible in addition to an in-person viewing.



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